About Us

picture of a turtle underwater

Saints Divers are a well established scuba diving club based to the West of Northampton. The Club was founded in 1995 and has around 30 active members ranging from novice ocean divers up to several Advanced Divers and a First Class Diver.

We also have a strong instruction team consisting of the Regional Coach, a number of Open Water Instructors (OWI's), Advanced Instructors (AI) and Assistant Instructors. As a club we always make sure to have an active diving, training and social calendar.

We meet at Wootton Working Mens Club on Monday evenings from 8.00pm to catch-up/arrange dives/talk nonsense.

We dive throughout the year from January to December. On most Saturdays there are club members diving at Stoney Cove, if we aren't all at the coast. We operate an active dive program to the coast in the summer months (May to October).

While we are affiliated to BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) we also have divers from other diving agencies such as SAA and PADI joining us on dive trips. You do not have to join BSAC to dive with our Club but you must have third party insurance that meets or exceeds the level provided under BSAC membership. If you want to extend your diving qualifications with us then you must join BSAC.

We have a stock of diving equipment too - if you are a club member and qualified to dive you can hire a full set for as little as £15.00 per day.